Healthy Aging and Wellness Sanctuary

The Laurent Bleu Healthy Aging and Wellness Sanctuary is a haven of relaxation and wellbeing, located in the same building complex as Laurent Bleu Medical Clinic.

A place for you to retreat from the chaos and pressures of daily life and unwind. We understand the toll the stresses of a modern lifestyle can take, not only on your body but also on your soul and mind.

Thus we have designed supreme treatments that are custom-made to cater to your specific needs and to enhance your wellness. The constitution of the various elements in your body is distinct and unique only to you. Therefore, our qualified therapists are trained to identify your unique requirements and recommend one of our therapies accordingly.

Our wide range of treatments and packages aim to help you realign your mind, body and soul, giving you the glow and radiance you deserve so that you can back into the world recharged and reenergized.

Enjoy a day of pure relaxation by combining any of the following:


Intensive Ampoule

Special treatment to repair and strengthen weak tissues, normalise skin coloration, lighten dark skin tone, improve moisture, smoothness, firmness and tighten the feature of facial contours.


  • Express Facial
    • For those that are on the go but still want to pamper the skin, the express facial will leave you feeling clean and hydrated without compromising on the quality of products used.
  • Relaxing Facial
    • A deep cleansing facial that combines smooth, muscle relieving massage techniques, this facial is true to its name. Prepare to be thoroughly relaxed and destressed, whilst coming out a fresher, cleaner, smoother you.
  • Aesthetic Facial
    • Microdermalfusion (Microdermabrasion+Infusion) combines non-invasive exfoliation with deep delivery of patient-specific solutions directly to the skin – without the use of crystal or other chemical exfoliants. The procedure will leave your skin feeling as soft as a baby’s skin, delivering amazing results without the use of harsh chemicals or uncomfortable treatments.

Advanced Cell Therapy

This is an anti-aging, repairing, cell renewing, moisturising therapy specially formulated with 53 types of amino acids that increase the cell growth renewal process. It also enhances metabolic stimulation and cell revitalising for tissue healing. Additionally, it helps regenerate collagen synthesis.

Rejuvenation and Whitening

This treatment uses one of the patented technology without injections. It repairs the inner skin, improves skin tone, enhances skin absorption, reduces wrinkles, eliminates fine lines, improves skin elasticity, strengthens skin defence capabilities, provides lifting, brightening, whitening and tightening.


Removes dead skin cells on the surface, producing a light exfoliation.

Lower Leg – 30 minutes
Underarm – 20 minutes
Upper Lip and Chin – 30 minutes
Full Arm – 30 minutes
Full Face – 30 minutes
Brazilian – 30 minutes
Bikini – 30 minutes
Combo (lower leg and underarm) – 30 minutes
Combo (full leg and underarm) – 45 minutes

Thermotherapy and Hydrotherapy

Infrared Sauna (30 minutes)
The gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat promotes relaxation and improves sleep. It also detoxifies the body.

De-stress Essential Oil Jacuzzi (40 minutes)
For the healing and soothing of the mind.

Herbal Jacuzzi (40 minutes)
Improves blood circulation and cleanses the body.

Himalayan Sea Salt Jacuzzi (40 minutes)
This uses sea salt rich in minerals, purifying and reducing water retention.

Milky Jacuzzi (40 minutes)
Leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.

Essence Line

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Eco-friendly, Eco-certified, Natural Skincare
  • Imported Ingredients of Natural Origin
  • Alcohol and Paraben Free