Weight Management Programme

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Introducing the latest programme launched by Laurent Bleu, this weight management programme is unlike any other. It is a one-stop multidisciplinary approach encompassing a doctor, dietitian as well as evidence-based spa services in providing a holistic weight management programme that prioritises sustainable weight loss.


  • Comprehensive Blood Test*
    • Incorporation of a full blood test that checks for hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders and neurotransmitters that allows a complete screening of factors that may affect weight loss results.
  • Doctor’s Consultation
    • Screening and correction of weight-related medical conditions to ensure an ideal and smooth-sailing weight loss journey
  • Health Psychology**
    • Exploration and further understanding of psychological, behavioural and cultural factors of weight loss
  • Diet Consultation
    • 6 InBody 770 body composition tests, 1 individualized menu plan, 7 diet consultations
    • Consultations include an in-depth analysis of body composition using the latest InBody 770, an individualized menu plan, diet consultations fortnightly with unlimited support and close monitoring from the dietitian.
  • Slimming Technology*
    • 12 sessions of radiofrequency slimming, 12 sessions of infrared sauna, 12 sessions of hot blanket
    • A supportive service in weight management with a non-invasive approach to weight loss with evidence-based radio-frequency slimming, infrared sauna and hot blanket.

*Customizable; **Optional

RM 7,499 (Female)
RM 7,299 (Male)
Payment can be made with installments of 6 or 12 months.

3 months