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Foreign Body Removal

Most patients with ear, nose, and throat foreign bodies are children. Often, family physicians are able to safely remove a foreign body in the clinic, Successful removal depends on several factors including the location of the foreign body, the type of material –  whether the material is easy to grasp ( soft & irregular ) or otherwise (hard & spherical ) and patient cooperation.

Common Foreign Bodies & Technique

LocationCommon Foreign BodiesRemoval Technique
EarBeads, plastic toys, pebbles, popcorn kernelsIrrigation with H2O by grasping foreign body with forceps.
NoseBeads, buttons, toy parts, pebbles, candle wax, food, paper, cloths, batteriesGrasping with forceps/curved hook
ThroatPlastics, metal pins, bones, coin, dental appliancesOften need to be removed endoscopically, requires sedation & a referral.