Firming ,Rejuvenating, Anti wrinkle treatment


30 ML (RM 200.00)

Containing powerful multi-plant ingredients aims to hydrate skin and protect against visible irritation. These elements combined with marine extracts deliver a gentle formulation yet powerful enough to combat sign of ageing, fatigue and speeds up skin recovery from harsh environmental elements. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Gentle Cleanser, Exfoliates Gently

Cleansing Water

80 ML (RM 205.00)

A gentle cleanser used to remove make-up and impurities on the face and eye areas; leaving your skin smoother and hydrated after each use.

Anti-Aging, Anti Wrinkle, Anti-Puff, Revitalising

Eye Serum

15 ML (RM 220.00)

Lightweight serum that easily penetrates delicate eye areas to give firming effect. It contains Sodium Hyaluronate and Plankton Extract to increase the effectiveness in restructuring the stratum layer and gives refreshing effect for dull eyes. With continuous use, eyes will appear rejuvenated with reduced wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags.

Lightens Skin, Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle

Face Serum

15 ML (RM 187.00)

Serum packed with powerful ingredients to enhance skin tone, elasticity and reduced fine lines. Portulaca Oleracea Extract contains high amounts of Vitamin A and C, thus contributing to maintaining beautiful skin.

Soothing and Refreshing, Skin Toning, Detoxifying

Milk Cleanser

80 ML (RM 172.00)

Soothing milk cleanser that penetrated deep within the pores to remove dirt and light make-up. The blend of plant extracts provides and anti-inflammatory effect which helps to calm and soothe sensitive skin. With continuous use, pores will appear smaller as it helps to tone the skin thus making face appear smoother and flawless.

Rebalances Sebum Production, Anti-Allergy

Gel Cleaner

80 ML (RM 172.00)

Specially formulated from nature’s finest ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types. Works well for mature, dry and sensitive complexions. Neroli essential oil is known for revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on the skin while Aloe Vera helps skin cell renewal and improves elasticity.

Reflects UVA and UVB Light, Non-Comedogenic, Lightens Skin, Anti-Aging

Sunblock SPF30

30 ML (RM 200.00)

Enriched with plant extracts which combines powerful antioxidants and age-defying botanicals that provide effective sun protection against UVA and UVB rays. Use as the last step in skin care routine.

Anti-Allergy, Cleanses Clogged Pores, Maintains Skin's PH Balances


80 ML (RM 202.00)

Soothing and moisturizing facial toner infused with Rosewater that is well known for its mild astringent properties and well-known beautiful aroma. Soften the skin and provide an uplifting aromatic scent. The mixture of multi-plant extracts improves skin elasticity and hydration which makes it ideal even for sensitive skin.