Sustainable Weight Management Programme

Stay healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic
as recommended by WHO and MOH Malaysia.


Introducing the latest programme launched by Laurent Bleu, this sustainable weight management programme is unlike any other to address weight issues. It is a one-stop multidisciplinary approach encompassing a doctor, a dietitian to deal with nutrition as well as a health psychologist to provide a deeper insight into eating habits. It is a holistic programme that prioritises sustainable weight loss or weight gain.


  • Comprehensive Blood Test*
    • Incorporation of a full blood test that checks for hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders and neurotransmitters that allows a complete screening of factors that may affect weight-loss
  • Doctor’s Consultation
    • Screening and correction of weight-related medical conditions to ensure an ideal and smooth-sailing weight loss journey
  • Health Psychology**
    • Exploration and further understanding of psychological, behavioural and cultural factors of weight loss
  • Diet Consultation
    • 6 InBody 770 body composition tests, 1 individualised menu plan, 7 diet consultations
    • Consultations include an in-depth analysis of body composition including belly fat using the latest InBody 770, an individualised menu plan, diet consultations fortnightly with unlimited support and close monitoring from the dietitian.
  • *Customizable; **Optional